Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Touch

I woke up this morning, and immediately I was hit with a thought. The thought was about how terrible a situation it is: we as sinful people and God, perfect and holy. This seems like a terrible nightmare, where everything is backwards and wrong. It seems lop-sided, like the girl who is with a guy that doesn't deserve her. I'll say it again, this is a terrible situation. To have a God who cannot be near sin. Who cannot, WILL not tolerate it or touch it. It is most despairing when all his children want is to be held by him, but he stands afar; not daring to get too close, as to become tainted. What an awful chasm stands between us and God.

We can see at times just how big God is. Why can't he touch us? Without his touch we feel all alone. We could go our entire life without sustenance, but with the loving touch of God we could last for eternity if he would only reach his hand out. Why is the news of Jesus so beautiful, amazing after hearing the story a thousand times?

BECAUSE HE GOES WHERE THE FATHER COULD NOT. He goes where the Father was restricted by his holiness. Jesus gives us the only thing we need: the touch to a leper who has never felt it before. Company to the downtrodden and outcast, who have long since given up on acceptance. But he reaches his hand out to us. He doesn't even wait, he comes to us to hold us. Jesus is impossible, but the Father gave us the impossible to do the impossible. The rest that Jesus offers is like no other: to be held by a creator and to know that he loves us. He leads us where we could not go on our own and to the feet of the Father we fall. Praise the Lord, alleluia.

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